Cromwell Summer Series Entry Form:

Bannockburn Mountainbike Classic

I wish to participate in the 2015 A1 HOMES Bannockburn Mountainbike Classic.

Online entries close on 24 December 2015. Late entries can be made on the day of the event.

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Risk Disclosure Acknowledgement: In entering the 2015 Summerland Bannockburn Mountainbike Classic event I understand there are risk involved in the activities I will be undertaking. I also understand that an unpredictable or uncontrollable event may occur that could possibly cause me serious harm or death. I am aware of the implications of my voluntary participation and the consequences should I ignore the organisers 'Safety Management System' , 'Entry Form' and briefing, including procedures and directions regarding the use of any safety equipment. I acknowledge that the organisers will take all reasonable and practicable steps to keep me safe while I am involved in the event. However, I accept full responsibility for my own actions or inaction. I allow sponsors / organisers to use my name and/or photograph for promotional purposes.
I have read and understood the Risk Disclosure above:

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