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In love with the light at Kopuwai

When Annika Streefland stepped onto the bare patch of land where Kopuwai Delta Vineyard now lies, she knew she had

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Making Wine the Aurum Way... Unique, Boutique and 100% Organic

Brook and Lucie Lawrence are part-owners of Aurum Wines, Cromwell. Aurum Wines head winemaker Lucie Lawrence

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Squeaky Hinge Getting the Grease...For all the Right Reasons

Tarras: Baking hot summers, dry, stony soil and in the winter, bone chilling frosts…and that’s just

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Cromwell's Peonies Impress World's Most Discerning Buyers

A vase of peony blooms can instantly transform a room from dull to delightful. Even the names of the different

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No Regrets in Making a New Home in Bannockburn

The grass is actually quite a bit browner on the other side but that doesn’t seem to deter dozens of Southlanders

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Food and Wine Walking Tour: A Taste of Cromwell

Food and Wine Walking Tour: A Taste of Cromwell A cornucopia is an abundant supply of good things of a

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Study in Central - the Ultimate Learning Experience

  Check out what the Otago Polytech Central Campus has on offer. Start a new Career @ Otago Polytech

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Cromwell's Proud History of World-Class Stone Fruit

Cromwell, with its impossible-to-miss giant fruit sculpture,

has a well-earned reputation


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