Bannockburn Bowling Club

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The Bannockburn Bowling Club was duly incorporated on 23 June 2006. The objects of the Club, amongst other things, include the following:

  • To promote and encourage the Game of Bowls in a manner that upholds the principles of fair play.
  • To be responsible for the administration, promotion and development of Bowls in Bannockburn district.
  • To promote the health and safety of all members and participants.
  • To facilitate the improvement of facilities for the enjoyment of the Game of Bowls.
  • To grant the use of clubrooms, facilities and equipment to such users as the Club may think fit.
  • To act on behalf of and in the interests of the Members and the game of Bowls.

Today the Club has a healthy membership of some 40 players – with approximately half resident in Bannockburn and half in Cromwell. The Cromwell Club has a membership of about 80 but some players prefer the less-windy Bannockburn green to that of the larger town, hence the ‘migration’ south. In general terms lawn bowls nationally has been through a ‘lean’ patch caused by the continued increase in various activities that are available for recreation. That problem is being addressed by Bowls New Zealand with their ‘Mates in Bowls’ campaign to attract membership.

The Bannockburn Club organizes and runs several competitions over the season in addition to the Tuesday and Thursday Club nights. There are Club Competitions for Singles/Pairs/Fours; it has a team in the Center’s Pennants competition that plays Wednesday and Saturday; and there are four one-day tournaments per year.  Further, the Club organizes Bannockburn Hotel sponsored one-day tournaments including Graeme Todd and Snow Glassford tournaments. The Licensed Vitulars, and local Winegrowers hold games; and the Cromwell Club use the green at Easter – and other days when required.

The clubrooms are normally open for public use when there are bowling games being played. They are also used from time to time for various activities such as private socials, funerals and birthdays; or district meetings such as the DOC 2004 ‘Bannockburn Heritage Landscape Study’ and various REAP workshops. The Club also co-ordinates with the Bannockburn Hall committee as to sharing of items, such as tables and chairs, when they may be required for use at the Hall.

The Scott family are the best known bowlers from Bannockburn. Kevin Scott represented New Zealand and it took until 2011 for his 42 yo son Shaun to carry on the tradition. Shaun had won some 20 Central Otago Center titles and was selected to play Australia in a three-test series in March.