Goldfields Jet Boat


Goldfields Jet has been operating within the Kawarau Gorge since 1991. Since then, the company has carried hundreds of thousands of people on one of New Zealand most spectacular high volume rivers. Goldfields Jet is one of only a few company’s to hold a history of 100% safety.

This is a truly spectacular Jet boat ride through the heart of one of New Zealand’s most historic regions and the amazing Kawarau Canyons make for one of the best Jet boat trips in the Country. Goldfields Jet offers a high end quality experience with strong focus customer comfort and satisfaction while maintaining price competitiveness.

It is a experience that everyone can do with trips tailored to suit different party sizes and needs. We use specifically designed Jet boats and highly trained drivers, we are so confident in this product that we are even prepared to guarantee both yours and your customers satisfaction.