Little Wonders Childcare

Little Wonders is a place where;

Children are actively involved in their learning and celebrated for who they are. They are valued for their meaningful work through purposeful play. Children feel safe and happy and are respected as individuals where their personalities are cherished. They have fun!

Teachers are learners alongside children, our role is to observe, encourage, inspire and nurture – to teach children as they love to learn, through play. Our teachers delight in being with children, sharing in their moments of wonder and awe. Meaningful, responsive and respectful relationships are nurtured through positive interactions. Our teachers are valued for their knowledge, commitment and passion for children.

Our Environment is a place where the stage is set for learning. The learning environment is rich and inviting, the atmosphere is warm and nurturing. Resources, equipment and activities are hands on. Children’s minds, bodies and emotions develop through authentic learning experiences. The environment is predictable but allows for challenge and surprise.

Together with family we will enable the full potential of your child to emerge while fostering a love of learning, respect for others and a strong sense of self. Together we value each moment of the day and understand we are always learning.