Local Short Walks


Cromwell to Lowburn Lakeshore Walk
Start at Old Cromwell and walk to and under the Deadman’s Point bridge across Sate highway 8B. Continue on northwards following the lakeshore, past McNulty Inlet, to Lowburn and hence to Pisa Moorings. Cross over the new pedestrian bridge at Perriam Cove.

Sugarloaf Terrace Track
Park at Clark Road and walk up to the top of the Sugarloaf Terrace via an existing 4WD track. You will see evidence of gold diggings as you go upwards past a proposed site for a water reservoir for Pisa Moorings. Take in the magnificent view at the top of the terrace, follow the yellow ROW markers, skirting the Dendy cherry orchard, and head southwards towards Lowburn. You will pass more gold diggings and eventually arrive at Lowburn Inlet on Lowburn Valley Road.

45º South Monument
This monument is located on State highway 6 and a local service group has constructed a walk track to the top of the Sugarloaf Terrace, to link with the Sugarloaf Terrace track.

Cromwell to Bannockburn Lakeshore Walk
Start at the southern end of the Council oxidation ponds via Richards Beach Road. Alternately start at the Pearson Road end. This track takes you close to the Kawarau Arm of the lake and past various residential subdivisions. Across the other side you have great views of vineyards and olive orchards.

Bannockburn to Goldfields
Linking with the Cromwell to Bannockburn track, this track starts at the car park on Pearsons Road and extends under the Bannockburn Bridge (see the earthquake prevention devices), and along the Kawarau Arm. This stretch of walkway exhibits a variety of methods of how gold was won in the past and there are some very impressive herringbone tailings to view. But, please keep to the track and do not disturb any of the protected tailings. The walk passes residential areas, orchards, historic sites, pump stations and finally ends up at the ‘Stagger inn’ car park area accessible from State highway 6 at the entranceway to the Kawarau Gorge.

Old Reservoir
Starts at Jackson Lookout on State Highway 8 and walk up a steep track to Cromwell’s original water reservoir.  Continue on to Firewood Creek and back via State highway 8 to the car park at Jackson Lookout.

Bendigo Goldfields
Refer to DOC information kiosk at base of hill along Bendigo Loop Road for the many options available here.

Bannockburn Sluicings & Stewart Town
Start at Felton Road car park and information kiosk. If required, a guided walk is available – check with the Information Centre.

Carrick Goldfields
Start at Quartzville and walk to Carricktown and the Young Australian water-wheel. Check with Cromwell i-Site for conditions on the day.

The Cairnmuir Hill Track
From Bannockburn to Clyde – obtain the Walk Cromwell brochure from the Cromwell i-Site before setting off.