Otago Polytechnic – Cromwell Campus

Cromwell is the hub of the Central Otago campus and offers the widest variety of programmes of the three venues. Mountains can be classrooms. Apples can be teachers. Computers can open doors. With Otago Polytechnic’s courses in Cromwell, Wanaka and Queenstown, education doesn’t have to be ordinary!
Applying for a course:
Applications are welcome at any time from anyone resident in New Zealand. Options are also available to international students. Your past work and life experience counts at Otago Polytechnic. An initial evaluation will determine if you have already earned some course credits. If you want to pursue a particular qualification, but haven’t completed the required prerequisites, that’s no reason to give up. Most of the courses are not only excellent career moves in their own right, but they can also lead on to more advanced programmes.
Full Time Courses: Computing, Adventure Tourism, Tourism & Hospitality, Horticulture
Part-Time Courses: Business, Tourism & Hospitality, Horticulture, Art