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ChristinZ Clothing

From crafting designer pieces back on the Farm in 2007, Christinz has turned into a brand that you know and love. All our pieces are hand crafted with passion, in the heart of Central Otago. They are designed to help you feel your best. Practical, timeless and freeing. Sound like a bit of you?

I’m Christine Wardell. I live at Pisa Moorings and have a Shop & Workroom in The Cromwell Mall in Central Otago.I design, craft and create all my own styles to empower New Zealand women, to wear clothes that not only look but also feel amazing. I use a range of natural and synthetic fabrics that offer warmth, cool and comfortable styles that you know and love.

Linen & Merino are a couple of my favourite fabrics that not only work incredibly well but also help to keep you both warm and cool in our incredible New Zealand climate.

0274 343 937

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