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A Week or Two Before Christmas

'Twas a few weeks before Christmas, when at McNulty House

The whole town gathered, (yes even a mouse);

The sunhats were donned and the sunblock applied,

And though it was bit breezy, it was beautiful outside;

The children ran around happy at play,

While the adults enjoyed the bright summers day;

Group after group stepped up to sing and delight,

The festivities could have lasted well into the night.

Grumbly tummies were soon sorted out,

There was plenty of food and treats about;

Empty stockings were also a thing of the past,

As talented crafters helped fill them up fast.

While some kids were bouncing and taking a ride,

Others explored their more artistic side;

Two fun workshops were offered for free,

Certainly filling tiny hearts with glee.

And then, on the breeze, we heard a roar,

All heads turned, it was too loud to ignore!

What made the noise, perhaps a naughty elf?

No, not at all! T’was the jolly man himself.

He jumped out of his chariot with a big Ho! Ho! Ho!

(Because that’s the way Santa says “hello”).

And out of his sack with a flick and swish,

He made it rain (individually wrapped) chocolate fish!

The children cheered and the adults clapped,

Secretly wishing for a fish that was wrapped.

Santa smiled for a few pics, and then he was away,

Perhaps to get a coffee at the nearest café?

He sprang in his chariot, from Highlands it came,

Still blushing and smiling from all the acclaim.

And we heard him exclaim, as he drove out of sight,


Santa and his helpers

Our sponsor: Highlands

Our performers: Cromwell Drama School, Grace Tiko, Emma Gardner, Joel Neilson, Queenstown Pipe Band, and the Fine Thyme Belles.

Our funders: Lotteries Community Fund, Cromwell Community Board

Our supporters: Cromwell Lions for Thomas the Tank Engine, Cromwell Heritage Precinct for the beautiful venue, and Church Untamed for providing the sound equipment.

All our wonderful volunteers!


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