Bannockburn MTB Classic

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The Classic is composed of three simultaneous events...

CLASSIC RIDE: Approximately 35km of great mountain terrain, including metal roads and undulating 4WD tracks with a climb of about 600m. Estimated ride time 1.5 - 3.0hrs.

SPORT RIDE: Approximately 22km of great mountain biking including metal roads and 4WD tracks with a climb of some 350m. Estimated ride time 0.75 - 1.75hrs.

RECREATION RIDE: Approximately 10km of gravel road/farm tracks. Ideal for first-timers or families with children over ten years. Estimated time 0.5 - 1.0 hours.

The Start

The race starts at the Bannockburn Hotel on Bannockburn Road. Registration is from 10.00am but please try to register before 3.30pm. You will be given a number at Registration. Briefing will be at 3.30pm adjacent to the hotel. Competitors must listen carefully at the briefing, and note that an ‘Event Plan’ will be available for inspection. Copies of the ‘Race Briefing’ will be available at the Registration Desk. Note that persons who do not sign the ‘Entry Form’ nor attend the ‘Race Briefing’ will not be allowed to enter the race. Parking, refreshments and social facilities are available at the Bannockburn Hotel.

Please do not bring your own liquor into the hotel... support the sponsors!

Note: The event involves riding on metal and sealed roads and tracks. Riders are to keep as far to the left side of the roads as possible and NORMAL ROAD CODE RULES APPLY! No roads have been closed for the event.

The races will commence at 4.00pm.

Event Information

Event Date:

  • 30 December 2015

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