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Take a ride in Cromwell!

If you are more comfortable in your cycling shorts than your jeans, you better head towards Cromwell. There are plenty of trails snaking through the area that offer great rides and amazing views, all starting from The Gate on the corner of SH8 and Barry Avenue. And if you don’t have your bike with you, don’t worry. You can hire a bike from The Gate courtesy of Bike it Now.

Three great rides to try

Take it easy

Cross SH8 and turn left into Shortcut road. Go past The Wooing Tree, then take a right onto Partridge road. Pass the Aquatic Centre and follow the path all the way to the Lowburn Inlet. Follow the trail back towards Cromwell, past the Alpha Street playground, around the bend where the mighty Clutha and the Kawarau rivers meet, ending at the Cromwell Heritage Precinct for a lovely cuppa next to the lake.

Difficulty: easy 

Distance: 5 km

Take the long way

Go the same route as the easy ride, then pass the Cromwell Heritage Precinct towards Bannockburn. Cross the Bannockburn Bridge, then turn left onto Cairnmuir road. Cruise down to the inlet and enjoy the view.

Difficulty: intermediate 

Distance: 10 km

Take the challenge

Follow the easy ride as described above, then go past the Cromwell Heritage Precinct and follow the trail all the way to the Bannockburn Bridge. Cross the bridge and go up the road to the right, go past the historic Bannockburn Pub. Turn right onto Old School House road and follow it to the Carrick Range turn-off. Climb up past the old Australian mine and onto Duffer’s Saddle. Enjoy the quick descent down the Nevis Road back to Bannockburn Road, then follow the road or the lake track back to The Gate.  If you want to make a day of it, turn onto Hawksdun road and follow it all the way to Clyde. 

Difficulty: hard 

Distance: 30 km


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