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Window Display Competition judge announced!

Local artist Deidre Copeland has been confirmed as the judge for this year’s Window Display Competition. Every year the shops in the Cromwell Mall light up their displays as part of the lead up to Light Up Winter, to be held on Saturday, 20 July. 

“Winter can get a bit gloomy here in Cromwell when we are under the inversion layer,” says Brigitte Tait from the Cromwell & Districts Promotion Group. “By lighting up their windows, the shops help to make the winter a little brighter.”

Deidre is an accomplished illustrator, teacher, photographer, and painter who has won many major art awards. She is now regarded as one of New Zealand’s top portrait painters. During judging, Deidre will be looking for displays that make an impact.

“I would like to see big and bright displays that make you stop in your tracks,” says Deidre. “I will also look at the detail and work that have gone into the pieces.”

Shops in the mall are encouraged to have their displays up and ready for judging on Saturday, 13 July.

Light Up Winter will be held in the Cromwell Mall on Saturday, 20 July from 4:30 to 9 pm. Tickets for the lanterns are still available at $8 each from SBS Cromwell and Queenstown as well as PaperPlus Alexandra.


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