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Building an international brand in Cromwell – one cabinet at a time

When Mark Harrison and Brendon Munro decided to start B&M Joinery, basing it in Cromwell was a no-brainer.

“Looking at how much growth Cromwell has been experiencing lately, we saw a gap in the market for another joinery,” says Mark. “Opening our factory here allowed us to not only tap into the local market, but to also service Queenstown, Wanaka, Clyde, Alexandra, and beyond.”

Mark and Brendon have over 45 years’ experience in joinery between them. When they’re not busy in the workshop, they enjoy getting out and being adventurous with their families.  Mark and Brendon and their families enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle.

“We chose this area because of all the activities it has to offer,” says Kate Munro, office manager and Brendon’s wife. “Mark and his family are really into snow skiing and mountain biking, and we’re into watersports, hiking, and hunting.”

B&M Joinery has been operating since October 2016. One of the greatest challenges the partners have been faced with is finding qualified staff.

“There seems to be a shortage of workers across all trades in New Zealand,” says Brendon. “We’ve recently welcomed two qualified South African joiners to our team, and they have already become an important part of our business.” B&M Joinery currently employs eight people on a full-time basis.

With such an internationally representative team – Mark and his family are originally from England – B&M’s goal of “world domination” might not be so far-fetched.

“No, on a serious note – we want to provide Cromwell and surrounding areas with high-quality joinery, on time and with no fuss,” says Brendon. “We also want to provide our team with job security and a safe, upbeat work environment, so they don’t dread coming to work every day,” adds Mark.

When asked what they would change about Cromwell, they are all in consensus:

“If you could do away with the fog, that would be grand!”

To find out more about B&M Joinery, visit their website, go to their Facebook page or visit their showroom at 4 Ree Crescent, Cromwell.


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