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Central Yoga Studio open in Cromwell

When twin sisters Jessie and Ashleigh Tucker moved from Auckland to Central Otago two and a half years ago, they never imagined that they would fall in love with the lifestyle and put down roots here.

“We love the people and the place, everyone here is so supportive and kind,” says Jessie. “The other added bonus is that Central Otago is breathtaking! Two-and-a-half years on and we still pinch ourselves that we get to call this home. 

They started Central Yoga Studio at the beginning of April, and already it’s become a great hit with locals. The studio has five instructors: Ashleigh and Jessie who handles HIIT yoga and beginner’s stretch; Renee and Robyn who take vinyasa and yin; and Jeanette who takes meditation yoga. Robyn also manages a special class designed to get kids moving.

“Our main goal is to provide a yoga studio that allows all individuals to work on their flexibility, mobility, and strength in a relaxed and supportive environment – regardless of their level of experience,” says Ashleigh.

When they’re not busy in the studio, Jessie and Ashleigh enjoy going for walks with their dogs. Here is Jessie (right) and Ashleigh (left) with Kyro the chocolate lab, Jet the border collie, and Harvey the black lab pup.

The twins are in agreement that there is only one thing they would change about Cromwell: “More food options!” Spoken like true foodies.

Central Yoga Studio can be found at 1E Traders Lane, McNulty Road. Find out more at or on their Facebook page:

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